Nevada 7 Day No Cause Notice to Quit

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This official notice is used when there is no lease or tenant has not vacated at the end of a lease. This is for a week to week tenant.

Document Last Modified: 5/13/2023

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There are times when the lease with your tenant is about to expire and you have decided that you do not want to renew the agreement for another term. Nevada law requires landlords who don’t want to renew a lease to give the tenant notice that he or she must move out. This is referred to as a No Cause Notice. The tenant does not have to have committed a lease agreement violation for the landlord to decide that the lease won’t be renewed.

If the lease agreement is a weekly lease, then the landlord must give the tenant 7 days notice. This 7 Day No Cause Notice to Quit form may be used. (If the agreement is for a longer period, the landlord must give the tenant a 30 day no cause notice. Please see the Nevada 30 Day No Cause Notice to Quit form.)

This 7 Day form tells the tenant that he or she must move out no later than 7 days after receiving the notice. The clock starts on the day after the tenant has been served. Weekends and certain holidays are not counted in the 7 days.

This form must be downloaded and printed, and then filled in by the landlord. Make sure that the tenant’s and landlord’s names are properly spelled and the addresses are accurate. The lower half of the 7 Day No Cause Notice to Quit form must be completed by the person who is serving the notice.

If the tenant fails to move out by the 7 day notice deadline, the landlord may then use a notice that warns the tenant that he or she is living in the rental unit unlawfully and could face eviction. In the case of a summary eviction, a landlord may issue a 5 Day Unlawful Detainer Notice to the tenant and, if the tenant still has not moved, may then begin the eviction process.

For more information, visit the Nevada state statute site.

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