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Michigan Rental Agreement

Lease & Rental Agreement Michigan

Did you know that Michigan has the over 150 lighthouses, the most of any state, to light the shores of the longest freshwater coastline. Just as mariners rely on lighthouses to show the way and brighten sneaky snares, landlords can rely on EZLandlordForms to illuminate the rewarding but sometimes treacherous world of being a landlord. There are pitfalls to be avoided, and protections that every landlord should think about. With our brimming toolbox of online resources, we can help you manage your investment easily and efficiently.

Check out our many online resources to help you along the way. Our online articles will give you condition reports into the industry, and you can view them online or have them delivered to your inbox via our newsletter. You can use our tenant screening service to help you choose the right tenant for your property. With our system, you’ll receive a credit report as well as a criminal background check for your applicant. If you would like to speak to a peer or other professional to help you weather a storm, use our directories to find a local investing club or real estate attorney. You can also post a question to our online forum, where our online community can weigh in with their experience and advice. We also offer investment advice, a New Landlord Guide, and many Michigan-specific documents.

Let us help you navigate your way to success as a Michigan landlord. With our tools, you can do it yourself, but you don’t have to do it alone. We’re here with the lifelines you need to learn more, make informed choices, and stay afloat when tricky situations come your way. You can check our site out now by creating a free account. Peruse our offerings, check out our customer feedback and Better Business Bureau rating, and see everything that we can do to make your journey a little smoother!

Michigan Residential Lease Agreements

Michigan Lease You want a lease agreement that is clear, concise, and that offers you all the protections you need under Michigan law. Our Michigan lease was created with smart landlords like you in mind. We talked to landlords to find out what they wanted, reviewed it all through our legal experts, then created an easy to use interface. The result is our Lease Builder Wizard, where you can enter all the terms you want by making selections and clicking your best options. We included MI Assist guidelines to help you set up your terms. You can add informational documents and addenda with a click of the mouse. It’s free to sign up and get started today – your Michigan lease is just waiting to be customized!

Michigan Landlord Forms

Michigan Rental Forms Lansing Rental Registration Form
This is the Lansing Rental Registration Form. Please use this form to register your rental property. Renting without a rental license is against the law.

Michigan Lease Agreement with eSign
Now with eSign. This Michigan Lease Agreement is a comprehensive package that adheres to Michigan landlord-tenant laws and includes helpful law tips as you fill it out.

Michigan Walk-Through Checklist
The walk-through checklist provides the landlord and tenant with the condition of the property at the move in and the move out period.

Michigan Truth in Renting
The Michigan Truth in Renting informational document offers information that landlords are required to know before renting their property.

East Lansing Addendum to the Lease
Property owners in the city of East Lansing, now require many more fees and inspections as well as use of the City's own rental housing lease addendum.

Michigan Demand for Possession - Drug Activity
A Michigan landlord should use this form when their tenant, member of the household or guest have involved themselves in any illegal drug activity.

Michigan Notice to Quit - Damage to Premises or Health Hazard
If your tenant caused a health hazard or property damages, use this notice to have them repair the damages, move out, or you will start the eviction process.

Browse more Michigan rental forms here.

Michigan Attorneys

Michigan Landlord-Tenant Attorneys
Audra McClure
Rodenhouse Kuipers, P.C
Grand Rapids, MI
  Benjamin Hammond
Hilger & Hammond PC
Grand Rapids, MI
Christopher P. Atallah, Esq.
The Rochester Law Center, PLLC
Rochester, MI
  Michael W. Sefton
Law Office of Michael W. Sefton
Wyoming, MI
Sara E.D. Fazio
Kreis Enderle Hudgins & Borsos, PC
Grand Rapids, MI
  Stuart M. Collis, Esq.
Stuart M. Collis, P.C.
Ypsilant, MI

Michigan Links and Resources

Michigan Rental Resources Michigan Tenants and Landlords A Practical Guide
This booklet is designed to inform tenants and landlords about their rights and responsibilities in rental relationships.

Michigan Real Estate Investment Clubs

Michigan Landlord Clubs
Genesse Landlords Association, Burton, MI
Meeting Time: Call for more info, Number of Members: 450  More Michigan Real Estate Investment Clubs »

National Real Estate Network , Belleville, MI
Meeting Time: 3rd Thursday, 6:00 pm., Number of Members: 100  More Michigan Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Real Estate Investors Association of Oakland, Tryo, MI
Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday of each month, 7:15 pm., Number of Members: 400  More Michigan Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Rental Property Owners Association of Kent County, Grand Rapids, MI
Meeting Time: 4th Tuesday of every month, 6:00pm., Number of Members: 1840  More Michigan Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Michigan Real Estate Investment Articles

Michigan Rental Articles
Michigan Landlord Tenant Act: Tenants Subjected to Violence
Posted February 17, 2011
The Michigan Landlord-Tenant Relationship Act regulates rental agreements, and was amended in 2010 to allow domestic violence victims to break their leases.

Michigan Landlord Tenant Law and Regulations
Posted October 5, 2009
Michigan landlord-tenant laws can be very tenant-friendly, so landlords are advised to review all MI regulations before signing a new lease.

Get Ready to Evict Your Tenant
Posted May 15, 2017
Your new tenant just moved into your rental unit. He seems like a great guy. He has a sterling credit record and great references. The security deposit and first month’s rent check came two days early. Not only that, when you stopped by to drop off an extra set of keys, the grass was already mowed, and the house looked cleaner than when he moved in! Well, it’s time to get an eviction plan in place. That’s right. It is time to list the specific measures you’ll take to evict Mr. Perfect Tenant if the time comes. That’s because no matter how wonderful your tenant now seems, things can turn bad. No one wants that to happen, but, when a tenant breaks the rules, you can’t afford to lose time researching the next step.

More Real Estate Investing Articles.

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