Michigan Notice to Quit - Damage to Premises or Health Hazard

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If your tenant caused a health hazard or property damages, use this notice to have them repair the damages, move out, or you will start the eviction process.

Document Last Modified: 7/11/2023

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The Procedure For Evicting A Problem Tenant

Carrying out an eviction is a headache for everyone involved, but especially for the landlord that is having their property damaged or taken advantage of by a problem tenant. Luckily for these landlords however, the law is on their side when they follow the appropriate procedures and steps to have a problem tenant removed from the property and out of the picture forever.

Landlords will need to use the Notice to Quit Damage to Premises or Health Hazard form when a tenant has willfully or knowingly caused a serious health hazard at the property caused damage or has created a situation that causes physical injury.

Examples of this may include:

  • Hoarding,
  • Having too many animals on the premises,
  • Not cleaning the space to maintain standards of health,
  • Damaging the property or premises like making holes in the wall or ruining the flooring.

While these are certainly not the only cases for using this form, they are some of the most common reasons.

Tenants will need to repair the damage they have caused, remove the health hazard, move out or the landlord will file for a lawsuit in court.

The Best Way To Serve The Notice

Landlords should be wary when delivering this notice to tenants. Landlords should never intimidate a tenant at any time but should consider the best method for interacting with the tenant involved in the problem.

This is why there are three ways that the notice can be served:

  • Delivered by hand to the tenant. This is the method we recommend as to not delay any of the proceedings.
  • Delivered to the property to another member of the household.
  • First-class mail to the tenant at the property in question.

The Length Of The Process

Tenants will be given different amounts of time to comply with the demands of the landlord for different violations. In this case, the tenant will be given 7 days to correct the problem or leave the property before the landlord is able to proceed with filing a lawsuit.

For More Help

Landlords can find even more specific information about the laws in Michigan by going to: Michigan Court Web-site - List of Forms.

You can also find more tips and advice from EZ Landlord Forms at: https://www.ezlandlordforms.com/articles/educational/4/move-out-and-eviction/

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