Michigan Walk-Through Checklist

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The walk-through checklist provides the landlord and tenant with the condition of the property at the move in and the move out period.

Document Last Modified: 4/17/2023

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There are many benefits to using a walk-through checklist for both a landlord and tenant. An inspection checklist provides both the landlord and tenant with protection over liability for any damages that may occur, or were already visible. It is recommended that both parties walk through the rented premises and fill out the form together. Two blank copies of the Michigan Walk-Through Checklist must be supplied to the tenant listing all of the items that are in the rented premises.

It is very important to have a Walk-Through Checklist completed thoroughly, doing so can help the landlord note any damages that the tenant may have made. It will also verify and remind the landlord of old damages that he may have forgotten was already there from previous renters. The form includes the commencement of occupancy and the termination of occupancy, so there is no confusion. A tenant may request the previous termination inventory checklist to review chargeable items to prior tenants.

The Michigan Walk Through Checklist is designed to cover each room, and also contains extra space for additional rooms to be added. In each room, it includes door, windows & screens, carpet or flooring, walls, ceiling, lights and switches, closet, and other. This allows the landlord and tenant to include the condition of each of these items. Rooms with specific objects will have those objects listed i.e. a bathroom includes a toilet. The form allows you to make additional notes in the right column.

IMPORTANT: The Tenant must properly complete the checklist, noting the condition of the property, and return it to the Landlord within 7 days after moving in.

The landlord must supply the tenant with a copy of the termination inventory checklist, if the tenant requests a copy. This is an detailed list of damages caused by the former tenant.

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