Michigan Demand for Possession - Drug Activity

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A Michigan landlord should use this form when their tenant, member of the household or guest have involved themselves in any illegal drug activity.

Document Last Modified: 7/11/2023

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When To Use The Demand For Possession Drug Activity Form

As a landlord, using the right form when you would like to go through with an eviction is crucial to achieving the desired results, especially when going through with an eviction that needs to happen quickly.

Landlords in Michigan may use the Demand For Possessions Drug Activity form when the tenant, a member of the tenant’s household or a guest of the tenant has been involved in any illegal drug activity.

Giving the tenant this form is the first step in evicting them from the property.

Once this form has been served, the following steps will be taken to go through with the eviction from beginning to end.

  • The landlord must wait the required period of time for the tenant to either vacate the property or file with the courts for a hearing. In this case the waiting time is 24 hours.
  • If the landlord is granted a hearing then they will need to appear in court with the tenant to have their case heard.
  • If the hearing is ruled in favor of the landlord then the tenants will be evicted by the landlord with the help of the local authorities.

How To Serve The Form

The various ways to serve the form to the tenant, all of which need to be considered carefully as the matter is time sensitive. Hand delivering the form to the tenant personally is the best way to start the 24-hour waiting period before filing with the courts. The form can also be delivered to the property to a family member of the tenant or other member of the household or the form can be sent by first-class mail.

Timing Is Important

Due to the nature of this violation, this is a form that requires the landlord to wait less time than usual before beginning the legal processes for eviction. When landlords use this form they only need to wait 24 hours before taking action.

More Information Is Available

At EZ Landlord Forms we offer a range of articles and information about the eviction processes in general for each circumstance and for Michigan specifically.

This additional help can he found at: https://www.ezlandlordforms.com/articles/educational/4/move-out-and-eviction/

Landlords can get legal advice and tips from their lawyer or can visit the following website for more information about the state laws: Michigan Court Web-site - List of Forms.

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