Michigan Notice to Quit -Termination of Tenancy

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This eviction notices informs your tenant(s) to vacate for violations other than non-payment, unlawful drug activity or health hazard/injury to others.

Document Last Modified: 1/9/2024

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Evicting A Tenant: Notice to Quit Termination of Tenancy

While there are notices and forms for landlords to use that have specific purposes, this Notice To Quit Termination of Tenancy Form can only be used if none of those specific cases apply.

A landlord should use this form for violations other than:

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Drug activity
  • Health hazard/injury on the premises

This means that the form is more general and more versatile than the others but also means that those choosing this form should check with the appropriate local authorities that this is the right one for their purposes.

This form is used to notify a tenant that they have violated the lease agreement and need to leave the property within the 30-day period of time after the notice has been served or there will be a lawsuit filed.

Landlords should use this form when they would like to evict the tenant if they do not comply with the request to leave. The result of this process with either be the tenant peacefully leaving the premises or the individual being lawfully evicted with the help of local law enforcement.

Serving This Form Properly

There are a few options provided to the landlord when serving the notice. The landlord can hand deliver the form, deliver it to the premises and leave the notice with a member of the household or send the notice by first-class mail. If the notice is sent by mail then this may add time to the waiting period before legal action can be taken.

Step-By-Step Eviction Process Guide

  • The tenant has broken the agreement for reasons that do not include non-payment of rent, drug activity or health hazards on the premises.
  • The landlord serves the notice to the tenant through their chosen method.
  • The tenant has 30 days to leave the property. During this time the landlord will wait to see if this demand is met.
  • If the tenant has not complied then the landlord has the right to file a lawsuit against the tenant.
  • A court hearing is scheduled for the case.
  • If decision is made in favor of the landlord then an eviction is scheduled.
  • The eviction takes place with the help of the local authorities to ensure the tenants vacate the property.

Getting Expert Help

EZ Landlord Forms offers more information at: https://www.ezlandlordforms.com/articles/educational/4/move-out-and-eviction/

For useful information about state laws in Michigan: Michigan Court Web-site - List of Forms.

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