Michigan Security Deposit Itemized Deductions Notice

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This notice is required when a Michigan landlord or property manager intends to withhold all or part of the security deposit from the tenant upon move out.

Document Last Modified: 5/11/2023

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Michigan Security Deposit Itemized Deductions Notice

If, as a Michigan landlord or property manager, you determine that some or all of a tenant’s security deposit must be applied to repair damages to the property incurred by the tenant, then you must serve this notice to the tenant.

This notification must include specific language itemizing any remaining unpaid rent, unpaid utilities, damage to property, and/or any other expenses so that the tenant may concede or contest the costs within seven days of receipt of this form. If a Michigan Security Deposit Itemized Deductions Notice is not served to the tenant following move-out, the tenant may contest the landlord’s decision to withhold some or all of their security deposit and take action to get it back.

Who: The landlord must provide this notice to the tenant if they will be making any deductions from the security deposit instead of refunding the deposit in full.

What: This Security Deposit Itemized Deductions Notice provides specific language, in accordance with Michigan law, detailing when and how deductions will be made from the tenant’s security deposit. After vacating the premises, the tenant will receive this itemized notification explaining any and all charges made for repairs, unpaid rent, or other costs against the security deposit.

When: If you intend to make any charges against your tenant’s security deposit, you must serve your tenant this notice within 30 days of termination of the tenant’s lease or rental agreement. If the tenant wishes to contest any or all charges against their security deposit, they must respond within seven days of receiving this notice.

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IMPORTANT: This document is editable, but some language included in the notice is specifically required by law in the state of Michigan. Specifically, the sentence printed in bold, which reads, “You must respond to this notice by mail within 7 days after receipt of same, otherwise you will forfeit the amount claimed for damages,” must remain as written. If the language of this statement is changed, the document will not be considered legal or binding in the state of Michigan.