Lease Addendum Template

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This Lease Addendum Template can be used to make additions to a lease that may not be covered in the body of a lease.

Document Last Modified: 12/19/2022

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The ezLandlordForms lease package contains everything the landlord needs. Since every rental situation is different- we have added more potential for customization. This easy to use "addendum template" is a very resourceful tool for including any circumstances that may not be covered already in the lease itself. It is a completely editable form that provides a way for the landlord to create terms and conditions for ANY situation.

To keep the consistency of the lease package flowing, the “Lease Addendum Template” even contains the introduction as well as the ending text of the other available addenda. All that needs to be entered is the addition of custom text in the center of the form (where it is designated: “Enter Your Text Here”). The form is as limitless as one’s imagination and needs. This is such a convenient way for the landlord to provide their own unique specifications and stipulations!

A landlord may create this form and attach it to the lease at the time the agreement is drafted, or he/she may use this form to make changes to on-going leases. Although if the landlord is changing the conditions of an existing lease, the Lease Amendment may be a better form to use.

That is not it! There are even more benefits to this already flexible form.
  • Once the lease addendum template is created, it will now be part of your repertoire of forms. This means it may be used again. There is not a need to recreate it repeatedly. It may be edited as well to fit any new need that arises. Not only will this document show up in the lease builder from the time of creation forward, but it can also be edited for each subsequent lease that is created.
  • The addendum may be individually titled as well. This can help differentiate it from any other custom documents.
  • Pre-determined fields may be added.
  • Custom fields may be added.