HUD Bed Bug Guidelines (for HUD-Insured and Assisted Multi-Family Housing - with Form)

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This very important HUD Bed-Bug form provides information on Bed Bug infestations for HUD Insured and Assisted Multifamily properties.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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Bed Bug infestations can cause serious havoc to a rental property. They are exceptional hitchhikers and can spread from surface to surface with ease. They bite, interrupt sleep, and can be a real headache. Bed Bug infestations have become a serious problem in housing throughout the country.

The U.S. Department of housing and Urban Development has created a document referred to as HUD Bed-Bug Notice H 2012-5. This notice offers references, information and practices referring to the control and avoidance of Bed Bug infestations. This HUD Bed Bug Guidelines is for all multifamily properties with active HUD-Held, HUD Insured, Section 202 or 811 Capital Advances or Direct Loans, Project-Based Rental Assistance contracts, and/or HUD Use Agreements.

Whether you are a landlord or tenant seeking information and guidance on the issue of bed bug infestations, you should refer to this document. The HUD Bed-Bug Notice H 2012-5 provides information on how to prevent and cure infestation up to and including bed bugs, insects, and all forms of vermin. The U.S. Department of housing and urban development is in charge of overseeing owners and agents to make certain that housing meets physical condition standards identified in 24 CFR 5.703, which supply knowledge on preventing and reacting to any infestation. This comprehensive document even supplies tenants and landlords with websites and information to access to accrue more knowledge on bed bugs.

Already have an infestation problem? Cooperation is the key to controlling the problem. It is very important that all tenants are on board to correct the problem. This includes allowing the management agents in/on the property for inspections and treatment, if required. By fully cooperating the tenant allows for faster control of infestations.

Additionally, this Notice provides Owners, Management Agents, and tenants guidance with their responsibilities and regulations of HUD, with regard to Bed Bug infestations. This informational document can accompany your lease package to raise awareness and preparedness to tenants.

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