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Now with eSign. Like all states, New Hampshire has unique leasing laws; our NH lease wizard summarizes laws as you create a New Hampshire rental agreement.

Document Last Modified: 9/4/2017

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New Hampshire Lease Agreement Guarantee Seal This New Hampshire Lease Agreement meets the state’s Landlord Tenant laws. It is easy to create using our Lease Builder Wizard, and the resulting document is a professional and legal instrument designed to protect your investment.

The Lease Builder provides information on how to correctly apply the state’s rules on rentals, and also offers options on terms and rules that suit individual landlord specifications. Basic document terms, selected by our attorneys in order to minimize the landlord’s legal exposure, are automatically included in the finished lease. In addition, there are multiple, optional rules and terms; these may be chosen to further strengthen your lease and minimize any confusion over landlord and tenant responsibilities.

Move through the seven-step process, making selections on rent, deposit, fees and more. Customize clauses or addenda as needed. The lease may be downloaded for review at any step in the process. It may be executed online using our electronic signature service.


eSign, email or print lease
Language that is required by the state of New Hampshire
Custom clauses
Help provided with green, New Hampshire Assist boxes
Options to add your own clauses


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