New Hampshire Property Abandonment Letter

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The New Hampshire Property Abandonment Letter explains the next steps that will be taken to the tenant(s) that abandoned the rental unit.

Document Last Modified: 5/14/2023

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New Hampshire tenants will sometimes up and leave without any notification. Some will even do this in the wee hours of the evening. This can be cumbersome on any landlord. It leaves questions on how to proceed such as: When may I access the rental unit? What if there are personal items left behind?

The ezLandlordForms’ New Hampshire Property Abandonment Letter, not only provides procedures for the landlord but informs the abandoning tenant with formal and required notification. This legally required form adheres to the Section A:4 of the Chapter 540 of Title LV of the New Hampshire statutes pertaining to prohibited practices and security deposits.

This mail-able letter includes 4 reasons that are indicators for abandonment. The landlord will choose those that fit his particular situation by either placing a check or “X” or circling the appropriate choice. It provides the tenant with further warning that any personal effects left behind in the rental unit will be stored for seven days. If the tenant does not retrieve any of his belongings within that allotted time-frame, the landlord will then dispose of it as he sees fit. The letter also delivers the necessary and obligatory statement on what a tenant should do if there is disagreement with the letter and action as well as the name of the petition to file and where to go to file. The ezLandlordForms’ New Hampshire Property Abandonment Letter fulfills all obligations in this type of situation.

WARNING: It is very important that the landlord understand that it is not legal to rush in and change locks and discard a tenant’s personal possessions without following procedures set out in legal statutes.

TIP: Take pictures, take pictures, and take pictures! If you can take them with a disposable camera, and place a newspaper with the days date displayed in the pictures. This is excellent proof of what is left behind and the condition of the rental property. This is a great way to stop a misunderstanding between landlord and tenant.

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