Oregon Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm Disclosure

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Oregon requires all properties be furnished with working smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. (1 page)

Document Last Modified: 5/6/2023

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Neither landlords nor their tenants can afford to take safety for granted. The Oregon Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector/Alarm Acknowledgment Disclosure helps both parties understand the rules and regulations regarding detectors and alarms for smoke and carbon monoxide. The landlord must indicate on the form by using a checkbox indicating whether or not their rental unit falls under the requirement for having smoke or carbon monoxide detector(s) in the rental unit in accordance with Oregon Revised Statutes § 479.255¹ Smoke alarm or smoke detector required in certain structures .

This disclosure also makes tenants aware of their responsibilities regarding any smoke or carbon monoxide detectors or alarms within the unit. Tenants are informed that they, and not the landlord, are responsible for regularly testing and maintaining the alarms or detectors, and replacing batteries (if applicable) in all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors or alarms in the unit. Tenants are also required to inspect the condition of any detectors or alarms to ensure that they are in good working order as they sign the disclosure. Using this document, the landlord also informs the tenant that the landlord cannot be held responsible for damages resulting from the failure of a detector or alarm. The tenant is advised to inform the landlord immediately, and in writing, if this safety equipment is malfunctioning in any way.

The acknowledgement is a mandatory form in the state of Oregon. The document also explains that the tenant may be fined and/or the lease agreement may be terminated if the carbon monoxide detector is tampered with.

When read thoroughly and implemented according to the law, this form gives clear direction to the tenant regarding smoke or carbon monoxide detectors or alarms, and encourages the landlord to discuss this important issue with the tenant. It helps the tenant understand the operation of the alarms in the unit, and records that the landlord has made the proper disclosures.

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