Oregon Rental Application Addendum and Fees Disclosure

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Oregon landlords are required to disclose the estimated rent, any deposits and all fees BEFORE collecting a deposit to hold or reserve a rental unit.

Document Last Modified: 5/8/2023

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Once you obtain a qualified applicant for your Oregon rental abode, and you are ready to conduct a tenant screening , the “ezLandlordforms’ Oregon Rental Application Addendum and Fees Disclosure” need to be provided for your applicant. Generally, it will be attached to the rental application.

In Oregon, a potential renter must be advised of all probable charges associated with renting your property. This addendum/disclosure must be provided BEFORE any deposits are taken, or before you conduct the background or credit checks. This is in accordance to the laws set forth in the Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Chapter 90, Section 297.

This state-specific Oregon document is fully editable. Just place your cursor in the text box after you choose to create the form. Add or remove any text you want to. This is where you may add your chosen fees. Remember to keep your fees within the allowable limits as set by the Oregon Revised Statutes. For instance, utility payment late fees, parking violations, or smoking in a no-smoking zone has a maximum limit of $50 per occurrence. The form additionally let’s your prospective tenant know the procedural warnings that must be followed before the fee is assessed.

It is also important to note that if you choose to charge an early lease termination fee, this may NOT exceed one and a half times the monthly rent but there are circumstances where it is not permitted. These include specific situations for members of the armed services and some domestic violence situations.

It also offers a feature where certain items are filled in automatically, like the landlord's name, phone number, and email along with the address of the rental unit and the lease information. What’s more? You are taken through a document building process where you can answer questions like such as “How much security deposit was received?” “What is the lease term ending date?” and “Is it a periodic lease such as a month to month lease?” This great and required document is created easily and signed by each tenant or prospective tenant.

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