Portland 90 Day Notice of Rent Increase

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Portland Oregon now requires at least 90 days notice before increasing the rent. Use this form to notify your tenants of an increase of rent of more the 5%

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Even though as a rule, Oregon does not favor enactment of local laws that limit rent for landlords; there is always a first time for everything. Commissioner Saltzman of Portland Oregon wants to protect Portland’s tenants. In an effort to do this, it is required that landlords who own property in the city of Portland who want to increase the rental amount on their real estate investment follow specific procedures. These procedures are just for those properties located within the Portland city limits. Before this regulation was put into place, the amount of notice to increase rent by a landlord to a tenant was merely thirty days for those tenants who have resided in a rental unit for less than a year and a sixty- day notice for those who have resided in their rental longer than one year. There is much to-do over this notice requirement, and suit has been filed against the city that challenges this new law. However, it is, in effect, until such time that anything changes, if, in fact, it changes at all. This requirement has been in effect, since November 2015.

The change now makes the amount of notifications to be at minimum ninety days’ advance notice in writing for any increase in the amount of rent that will be more than five percent (5%) over a period of twelve months.

This EZ Landlord Forms “Portland, Oregon 90 Day Notice to Increase Rent” contains all the elements that are spelled out in the city ordinance. You will be happy to know that this form is auto-filled with landlord, tenant and address information. Nonetheless, that is not it! This easy-to-use form is completely editable as well.

This form also contains a section for your tenant or tenants to acknowledge acceptance or non-acceptance with a place for their signatures.

Important to understand that this form is not for the entire state of Oregon. This is a local specific form only to Portland Oregon. For all other locations within Oregon, the Increase in Rent Notice should be used.

It is also worth noting that if proper notice is not provided to your Portland tenant in accord with this ordinance; the landlord may face steep and expensive consequences, including liability for damages of up to 3 months’ rent plus attorney fees and costs incurred.

When in doubt, it is best to consult your attorney as to avoid unnecessary confusion, fines, costs and so forth.