Oregon Non-Compliance Fees Disclosure

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Oregon landlords must provide tenants with a written list of all fees that will be charged at the signing of a new lease agreement, with this disclosure.

Document Last Modified: 4/18/2023

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The Oregon Non-Compliance Fees Disclosure is a document that permits the collection of certain fees that are allowed in the state of Oregon. When a landlord wants to impose fees such as a fee if the tenant abandons the rental unit, then this must be stated in a clear and concise manner.

That is the exact purpose of the ezLandlordForms’ Oregon Rental Oregon Non-Compliance Fees Disclosure. A disclosure is never a terrible item for a landlord. It may seem to be a bit time consuming; however, that bit of time spent in the beginning may provide a “cover your assets” (CYA) later.

In the state of Oregon, there are many non-compliance fees allowed to be charged by the landlord to the tenant when that tenant fails to obey a term or condition of a lease. Some of these items include late payments for rent or utilities, failing to clean up after your pet (when a pet is permitted), inadequate use of vehicles on or about the leased premises and others.

A landlord may also charge a tenant a fee for abandoning or skipping out of an apartment or rental unit before the expiration of a term and with no cause. There are special circumstances, allowances, and procedures made for military members or those involved in domestic violence. Each of these fees contains a maximum allowable amount to be charged plus they must be clearly disclosed in a written form to the tenant. These are explained in Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) § 90.302 If a tenant fails to pay an assessed fee, the landlord may, then have grounds to terminate the lease and have the tenant evicted through a court process.
In summary, a landlord can unmistakably see that implementing and enforcing a fee's disclosure policy can keep a tenant on their feet. The use of the ezLandlordForms’ Oregon Disclosure document is easy as well. It is editable, auto-filled with the tenant(s) and landlord’s name, rental address and more and is attached to the premium lease package.

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