Idaho 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

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Idaho Landlords must serve tenants a 3 Day Notice before proceeding with the eviction process. This form is for Non-Payment of Rent ONLY.

Document Last Modified: 4/4/2024

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Use Of This Form

This form is used to serve tenants that are behind on their rent a notice to either pay the amount owed or the landlord will begin the legal eviction process. This form can only be used for non-payment of rent. See the necessary forms for other breaches of tenancy contracts if this does not apply. A three-day notice is required in the state of Idaho before the eviction process and court paperwork can begin. This notice will include the amount of rent owed as well as information regarding the fees that will be charged to the tenant if legal action takes place.

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How It Works

If a tenant has not made an appropriate rent payment then the landlord can serve this notice. The landlord will have to wait for the required three-day period before proceeding and filing for a hearing in court. A hearing will be scheduled and the landlord or their representative, as well as the tenant, will appear. If the landlord is granted permission to proceed with the process then they will prepare a date with the sheriff for the eviction.

Notice Period

Once the notice has been given or sent to the tenant, three days are allowed for the tenant to either pay the rent owed or the landlord will begin the legal eviction process. If the notice is handed to the tenant then the three-day period begins immediately. If the notice is sent in the mail to the tenant then often there is an added three days to the notice period. This would mean a total of six days before the landlord could file court paperwork for eviction.

Serving The Notice

The Notice To Pay Rent or Quit can be served in a few different ways. This can be sent by certified mail, regular mail, hand-delivered with a signature of proof or leaving a copy on the premises. See the bottom of the notice itself for service options and documentation.

Additional Information

Landlords should not attempt to implement alternate eviction routes such as changing the locks. These kinds of actions will only cause further legal issues. If there is a problem tenant that has not paid their owed rent then the landlord should use this Idaho 3 Day Notice To Pay Rent Or Quit Form to ensure the legal process is being followed and the desired results are achieved.

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