Idaho Complaint for Eviction

This Idaho Complaint for Eviction is the formal document to use to begin court proceedings. After filling out the form it should be given to the Clerk of Court.

Document Last Modified: 10/5/2018

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Using The Idaho Complaint For Eviction Form

This form is a formal Court Complaint that is used to begin court proceedings. It is sent to the Clerk of Court and not to the tenant. Once the Clerk has received the form they will process it and provide the landlord with a date and time for your hearing. Both the landlord or their representative and the tenant will need to attend the court case to decide upon the eviction decision.

Understanding The Form

It is very important that landlords do not send this form to the tenant. The Idaho Complaint For Eviction form should only be used after an original Notice has been served to the tenant. This can either be a Notice To Pay Rent or Quit or a Notice To Quit.

Sending The Form And When To Do It

This form cannot be sent to a Clerk of Court before the original notice has been served. Under Idaho state law the landlord is required to allow three days between serving the Notice to Quit and filing the Complaint for Eviction Form.

Providing the right amount of time before sending this form is crucial to achieving your desired results as legally the court will be unable to accept a Complaint for Eviction before the legal notice time has been provided to the tenant.

To sum up the steps that landlords need to follow:

  • Serve the notice to the tenant.
  • Wait the necessary number of days, normally 3.
  • File a Complaint for Eviction Form with the court system.
  • Appear at a scheduled hearing.
  • If the decision is for the landlord then a date and time for the eviction will be scheduled.

Tips On Filing A Complaint For Eviction Form

Before a landlord starts any legal process it is a good idea for the individual to source as much advice as possible so they will always have the law on their side. To assist landlords in this process we at EZ Landlord Forms have collected resources that are extremely useful when filing a Complaint for Eviction form.

For more information about the proceedings and processes as they are explained in Idaho’s laws, please

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