Arizona Residential Pool Safety Notice

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The Arizona Residential Pool Safety Notice must be given to tenants whenever a swimming pool is located on the residential leased premise.

Document Last Modified: 5/10/2023

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Having a pool has the possibility of increasing a rental property’s market value and appeal. Upon first impression most tenants look at pools as fun and relaxing. However there is a common oversight of the extent of time and care a pool requires. In compliance with Arizona State Legislature A.R.S. § 36-1681, this safety notice must be given to tenants whenever a swimming pool is a part of the leased premises.

This document serves as an educational tool to assist, enlighten, and provide residential pool owners the legal requirements of swimming pool ownership as well as proper swimming pool safety. The Arizona Residential Pool Safety Notice also limits the property owner’s liability in the case of an injury during the use of the swimming pool or hot tub.

The Arizona Residential Pool Safety Notice provides detailed descriptions of the requirements for pool enclosures as well as gate requirements. The Arizona Department of Health services have also added important information to this notice. They provide recommendations to residential pool owners such as child safety, accessibility, emergency information and lifesaving equipment.

This state specific document allows easy access to required documentation under Arizona State Legislature. EzLandlord Forms makes it easier for landlords to provide proper documentation for their new tenants. It is recommended that both the landlord and tenant retain a copy of the notice for their records, and also for future references.

This easy to access document can be downloaded and printed directly from a laptop, desktop, or any printer friendly device. If there is no access to a printer the landlord can email this document directly to the tenant or any other recipients. As a landlord it can be very difficult to manage and maintain a property, but there is added responsibly to both parties when there is a swimming pool involved. A landlord can download this form for free and add it to their document library today!

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