Arizona Eviction Action Instructions

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The Arizona Eviction Action Instructions will give you all of the names of forms and information you need to start an eviction properly.

Document Last Modified: 6/13/2023

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In order to evict a tenant in Arizona, the first proper notice must be served according to landlord-tenant law and the lease agreement. Once any deadlines for remediation have passed, as applicable with no cure in sight, an eviction may be started. These basic instructions provide the names of the forms needed, the timeframe of which they are to be sent and in what order each document is served.

If you are evicting a tenant in any of the following counties: Apache, Cochise, Coconino, Gila, Greenlee, La Paz, Maricopa Mohave, Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz, or Yuma; the landlord should visit the court website where evictions are filed electronically. The Arizona Turbo Court website will walk you through the steps for eviction.

****All other counties may obtain eviction forms from the Arizona Forms Self Service Center.

Once you arrive at the website, choose: “Eviction Action” from the list of forms under the Self-Service forms section. It is there that you will see a list of forms to print and complete. It will then be taken to the appropriate courthouse.

Make sure when completing all forms that you are precise and exact. The last thing any landlord wants is to have a case thrown out because of a tiny paperwork mistake.

Remember to take all evidence with you, such as late notices, warning notices, demand letters, eviction notices, rent ledger and pictures of damages as applicable in your case.

Often a non-payment of rent eviction can be fairly simple, if unsure, it is wise to get the assistance of an attorney. Cases that involve non-rent issues may prove to be more complicated and also warrant the help of a real estate attorney who is well versed in landlord-tenant court actions.

TIP: EZ Landlord Forms has listings for attorneys that practice landlord-tenant law in Arizona.

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