Arizona 10 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate

The Arizona 10 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate is the first step prior to eviction and is given to a tenant who violated the lease, excluding Non-payment of rent.

Document Last Modified: 6/18/2018

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There are numerous ways that a tenant can breach a lease agreement. Maybe it was failure to maintain the property, an unauthorized pet or tenant (hopefully you recognize the difference), or one of the many other things that causes a tenant to be in violation of their lease agreement. Regardless of the violation, a breach of the lease must be addressed and it must be addressed the right way. The Arizona 10 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate is a professional and efficient way to serve written notice of a lease violation and satisfies the notice requirement to move forward with filing for eviction.

This notice is compliant with Arizona law and can be used for any lease violation, excluding non-payment of rent (in the case of non-payment of rent the Arizona 5 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit is most likely what you’re looking for). The document informs the tenant that they have violated the lease agreement and if no action is taken within 10 days from the date of receipt, eviction proceedings will begin. This notice allows you to specifically state each act or omission that has violated the lease.

This document is easy to use and has Auto-Fill Technology to save both time and energy. Additionally, it includes a “Service of Notice” section, where you can specify how the notice was delivered – either by in-person delivery, or by registered or certified mail. Because Arizona law requires the document is delivered in one of those ways, the “Notice of Service” section can be used for your record-keeping purposes. The Arizona 10 Day Notice to Cure or Vacate also informs the tenant that they are still responsible for current and future rent.

Please take the time to review our Arizona Eviction Action Instructions to ensure compliance with Arizona local laws.

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