Arizona 5 Day Notice To Pay Rent or Quit

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The Arizona Notice to Pay Rent or Quit is the first step to begin the eviction process for a tenant that has gone past the grace period of late rent.

Document Last Modified: 4/17/2024

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No landlord enjoys having to hassle a tenant about late rent and sometimes enough is enough! Regardless of the reason why the tenant’s rent has not been paid, landlords have expenses that have to be paid just like everyone else (although tenants seem to forget that). If the grace period has ended and rent has not been received, it may be time to take the first step to begin the eviction process with the Arizona 5 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit.

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This notice informs the tenant that the rent is past due and they have five days from the date they receive the notice to pay the rent. The document states the total amount that is past due and also includes a break-down of the rent due and the amount that is due in late fees. The Arizona 5 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit is customized with our user-friendly Document Builder Wizard and automatically includes the tenant’s information in the notice. This document may be sent anytime rent is past due and the grace period has ended. Because this notice must be hand-delivered or sent by certified or registered mail, the document includes a section for “Service of Notice,” where you can select which mode of delivery was used.

This notice is specifically drafted to ensure compliance with Arizona law. While the eviction process can be tedious, completing the 5 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit is not. This notice efficiently gives your tenant notice of the beginning of the eviction process, while still allowing the tenant the opportunity to pay the past due rent and avoid lease termination.

Please review our Arizona Eviction Action Instructions to ensure compliance with Arizona local laws.

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