Arizona Bed Bug Disclosure

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Arizona Landlords are required to provide Tenants with educational materials about bed bugs. Provide all Tenants with this disclosure to comply with this AZ Lease law.

Document Last Modified: 11/15/2023

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Arizona Lease Requirements: Bed Bug Disclosure

Arizona Law requires that Landlords provide all tenants with “educational materials” about bed bugs. These materials can include:

  • Information about preventing and controlling bed bugs;
  • A description of behaviors that are risk factors for attracting bed bugs;
  • Information about bed bugs, including a description;
  • Information provided by federal, state, local, or nonprofit organizations; or
  • Information created by the Landlord.

The State of Arizona has created bed bug resources through the University of Arizona Cooperative Extension to help educate Landlords and Tenants. Their resource, Bed Bug Control - What Landlords and Tenants in Multi-Family Housing Need to Know in Arizona, provides a comprehensive guide for identifying, preventing, and treating bed bugs.

Download a copy of this document to comply with Arizona’s bed bug disclosure laws.

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