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North Carolina is said to have some of the most beautiful beaches in the country, particularly the Outer Banks where beachfront property abounds. But whether you manage beautiful beachfront property or a condo in the city, as a landlord or property manager you are required to follow the North Carolina landlord-tenant laws. We’ve made it easy to comply with North Carolina landlord-tenant laws by including them in our lease agreements via our North Carolina Assist.

Managing rental properties has never been easy, but we offer North Carolina a variety of resources to help. Tenant screening is always a must and can be done right here on the site, and in just a few minutes. We have referrals to attorneys, contractors and even your local North Carolina real estate investors association. Consider joining our community buying group for discounts on the everyday items you need. And when you have questions, you can ask them in our forum where you’ll be answered by other property managers, landlords or attorneys. It’s unlikely you’ll ever need to look elsewhere when you need knowledge on a particular residential rental-related topic because we have a wide selection of articles covering everything from the best type of property to purchase to what steps to take when a tenant files bankruptcy and everything in between.

As we stated, managing rental properties is never easy, but it sure feels like it when you have all of the resources, information and forms you need all in one place.

North Carolina Residential Lease Agreements

North Carolina Lease When we’re asked what makes our North Carolina residential lease packages so great, we respond with: they are drafted by attorneys, landlord and user-friendly, comprehensive, and North Carolina-specific. Our lease packages also include all legally-mandatory disclosures and access to our other 300+ miscellaneous rental forms. Did we mention they are editable and emailable? There’s more, but rather than go on, we’ll let you create your own so you can tell us what’s so great about our North Carolina leases.

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North Carolina Landlord Forms

North Carolina Rental Forms North Carolina 10 Day Demand for Compliance
A 10 Day Demand for Compliance is used when a tenant violates the lease agreement before the landlord files a Summary Ejectment in court.

North Carolina Complaint in Summary Ejectment
Landlord’s must file a legal complaint with the court to initiate eviction proceedings. This Official Complaint must be served upon the tenant by the sheriff. Download this document, print, and fill in the necessary information.

North Carolina 10 Day Demand for Rent
A 10 Day Demand for rent is used before a landlord may file a Summary Ejectment in court.

North Carolina Information Pamphlet for Landlords & Tenants
This brief pamphlet summarizes the basic rights and duties of both landlords and tenants, including a short overview of North Carolina eviction procedures.

North Carolina Lease
The most affordable & complete North Carolina lease package available, we guide you through NC landlord-tenant laws as you quickly create your custom NC lease.

North Carolina Vacation Landlord Tenant Act
Keep yourself informed and educated on the North Carolina Vacation Landlord Tenant Laws with this informational document.

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North Carolina Attorneys

North Carolina Landlord-Tenant Attorneys
Christopher J. Loebsack
Loebsack & Associates, PLLC
Charlotte, NC
  Jesse M. Tillman, III
Law Offices of James W. Surane
Cornelius, NC
Laurie B. Gengo
Triangle Law Group
Raleigh, NC

North Carolina Links and Resources

North Carolina Rental Resources North Carolina Bar Association Landlord Tenant Law Pamphlet
This pamphlet was prepared as a public service by the Communications Committee and is not intended to be a comprehensive statement of the law. North Carolina laws change frequently and could affect the information in this pamphlet. If you have specific questions with regard to any matters contained in this pamphlet, you are encouraged to consult an attorney.

North Carolina Real Estate Investment Clubs

North Carolina Landlord Clubs
Charlotte Real Estate Investment Association, Charlotte, NC
Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday, 7:00 pm., Number of Members: 150  More North Carolina Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Coastal Carolina Real Estate Investors Association, Wilmington, NC
Meeting Time: 2nd Thursday each month, 6:00 pm  More North Carolina Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Metrolina Real Estate Investors Association, Charlotte, NC
Meeting Time: 3rd Thursday, 6:30 pm., Number of Members: 350  More North Carolina Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Triad Real Estate Investors Association Inc., Greensboro, NC
Meeting Time: Third Thursday of each month, 7:00  More North Carolina Real Estate Investment Clubs »

Triangle Real Estate Investors Association, Raleigh, NC
Meeting Time: 3rd Tuesday of every month, 6:30 pm.  More North Carolina Real Estate Investment Clubs »

North Carolina Real Estate Investment Articles

North Carolina Rental Articles
North Carolina Landlord-Tenant Law Updates as of October 1, 2012
Posted October 02, 2012
North Carolina passed a new set of landlord-tenant law updates that went into effect October 1, 2012.

New North Carolina Statutes Affect Landlords
Posted October 15, 2009
Here is a summary of changes and additions recently made to the Landlord Tenant Statutes for North Carolina, effective October 1st, 2009. This notification is for informational purposes only, if you have any further questions please contact an attorney.

North Carolina Carbon Monoxide 2010 Landlord Tenant Regulations
Posted October 14, 2009
New regulations in North Carolina outline landlords' obligations regarding carbon monoxide detectors in rental properties.

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