Washington State Department of Health Mold Pamphlet

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The Washington State Department of Health Mold Pamphlet informs, educates, and notifies both landlords and tenants of the elements of mold.

Document Last Modified: 5/7/2023

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Mold is a common issue in many residential dwellings. It is crucial to be aware of mold and to get educated on all of the aspects of the troublesome fungi. It is important for a landlord to get familiar with which forms the state requires and which forms are optional. This form answers frequently asked questions regarding mold and is provided by the Washington State Department of Health, fulfilling the requirements of informing tenants about mold.

The Washington State Department of Health Mold Pamphlet is an informational document that offers facts, tips, and instructions on all of the elements to consider about mold and how to clean it up. This pamphlet clarifies what mold is, how to look for it and how to clean it up properly. The document illustrates how to control the growth of mold in the home and how to protect yourself in the process. The Washington State Department of Health Mold Pamphlet makes clear the health hazards of mold and how to prevent exposure.

It is important for landlords to provide The Washington State Department of Health Mold Pamphlet to each tenant. It is also relevant for the landlord to read this document and get aware of the different components of mold.

The Washington State's Department of Health form regarding mold should be supplied to tenant(s) before the lease is signed. Senate Bill 5049 was approved by The Washington State Legislature in 2005 that required landlords to disclose to tenants about mold. EzLandlord Forms offers a Toxic Mold Disclosure

IMPORTANT: It is the responsibility of the landlord to maintain the rental unit. This maintenance includes ventilation, defects in the heating system, and water leaks. Landlords are responsible for notifying their tenants about any hazards related to indoor mold exposure and methods to control the growth of it on the premises. The landlord is permitted to post this form in a public location that is visible.

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