Washington DC Tenant Bill of Rights

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The Washington DC Tenant Bill of Rights form explains the rules and regulations of all Washington DC tenants, except those who are in rent controlled units.

Document Last Modified: 7/23/2023

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The District of Columbia is a tenant-friendly state and every landlord should be sure to read about and understand all of their duties and responsibilities as an owner of rental property.

There was an act that became effective on December, 17th, 2014 known as “The Tenant Bill of Rights Amendment Act”. This act basically made sure that all tenants except those under rent control have specific rights and they are to be notified of these rights. Even though a lease is not a requirement; it is a wise practice. With or without a lease, this ”District of Columbia Tenant Bill of Rights” disclosure (which is provided by the Office of the Tenant Advocate in the District of Columbia) must be provided to all tenants who are not excluded from the this law such as those that are under rent control.

This document is provided to all of the tenants on the lease or whom are renting from the landlord. It includes a myriad of rights including those under the subjects of:

  • The lease itself,
  • Security deposits,
  • Information disclosure,
  • How receipts for rental payments are to be handled,
  • Rent increases,
  • The landlord’s responsibility to maintain the property,
  • Lead paint information
  • Mold
  • The right to quiet enjoyment
  • The no discrimination policy
  • The tenant’s right to organize an association of sorts
  • Sale and conversion of the rental unit
  • Assistance for relocation under certain circumstances and
  • Eviction

At the bottom of the form are helpful resources for your tenant, however the provided sources and informative resources can also be beneficial to the landlord as well. Make sure that you have each and every tenant sign the form in acknowledgement. Copies should be given to each tenant and of course, the landlord should also save one for their files.

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