Vermont Termination of Tenancy for Non-Payment of Rent

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This Vermont eviction notice terminates a tenancy for non-payment of rent, 14 days after this notice has been served if payment is not made in full.

Document Last Modified: 5/14/2023

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How To Proceed With An Eviction For Nonpayment Of Rent

When a tenant has not paid their rent, they are in violation of their lease agreement and therefore can be given the Termination for Non-Payment of Rent notice by the landlord.

    Giving this notice is the first step in evicting a tenant that has not paid their rent. The entire process is as follows:
  • Serve the notice to a tenant that has not paid their rent.
  • Wait the 14-day compliance period for the tenant to vacate the property.
  • If the tenant does not comply in this period then the landlord may file for a hearing in court.
  • At the hearing, the court will make a ruling in the matter.
  • If the ruling is in favor of the landlord then a date will be scheduled with the local authorities to forcibly remove the problem tenant.

The Period Of Notice

The landlord needs to wait at least 14 days after giving the notice for the tenant to comply with their demands and vacate the property. If the tenant does not comply and leave the property then the landlord may only take action after this 14 period has passed.

This period of notice begins when the tenant receives the notice. If the notice is hand-delivered to the tenant then the 14 day compliance period begins immediately. If the notice is sent by mail or left with another resident at the property then there will be up to 3 days added to this period of time to allow for the tenant to see the notice and act accordingly.

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Only For Nonpayment Of Rent

It is important for landlords to remember that this form may only be used in cases when a tenant has not paid their rent. This notice is not valid or useful for any other lease violation. The landlord should use other forms when they have tenants that have violated the lease agreement by participating in illegal activity or not maintaining the health and safety standards that had been agreed upon.

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