Vermont 30 Day Termination of Tenancy (Breach of Lease)

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This Vermont eviction notice forces tenants to either cure lease violations or move out of the leased premises within 30 days after this notice has been served.

Document Last Modified: 4/29/2023

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Who: When a tenant breaches some part of the lease, the landlord has the option to terminate the lease. Their first step is for the landlord to complete and deliver a Vermont 30-Day Termination of Tenancy (Breach of Lease). What this document indicates is very clear - the tenant has 30 days from the date of service to vacate.

What: This notice is incredibly clear and tells the renter that failure to take the appropriate steps after receiving the Vermont 30-Day Termination of Tenancy (Breach of Lease) allows the landlord to file a Complaint for Eviction. Not only does this return the premises to the landlord, but they also get any rent owed and all other charges that the laws of Vermont allow.

When: This is given to a renter at any time they breach their lease. They then have 30 days to comply. The behaviors that qualify as a breach of lease can include criminal activity, becoming a nuisance by threatening the health of other residents, drug activity, acts of violence, damaging or destroying the property, or failing to keep the property clean and inhabitable conditions. The lease may also stipulate other material terms or obligations, any of which might qualify as a breach of the lease.

If a tenant has breached their lease because of " criminal activity, illegal drug activity, or acts of violence, any of which threaten the health or safety of other residents," a landlord can shorten the notice to 14 days from when the notice was served.

Tips and Tricks for Landlords: As a landlord in Vermont, you may face some challenging times when a tenant fails to meet the terms of their lease. They may fail to pay their rent and force you to take steps to get the funds due or evict the renter. You may also face times when a tenant breaches the lease by failing to comply with a material term of the agreement or obligations outlined in the lease.

Clearly, there are some legal issues associated with the use of this notice, and it is best to discuss matters with legal experts. The first step is to download the Vermont 30-Day Termination of Tenancy (Breach of Lease) form, complete it and discuss the matter with a legal professional.

You will want to deal with matters like this as quickly as possible. Tenants who refuse to comply with the terms of a lease put the property at risk for damage or health and safety issues. The process is not complicated, and this form is the first step towards reclaiming control of the premises.

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