Vermont Landlord Certificate - LC 142

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The Vermont Landlord Certificate - LC 142 is the Renter rebate form for Vermont that is completed by the Landlord.

Document Last Modified: 7/19/2023

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In Vermont, the renter rebate program provides certain tenants the ability to apply for a rebate for a portion of rent paid for the prior year. It must exceed a percentage set by the Vermont revenue department for the entire household income. A tenant who earns less than $47,000 per year is entitled to a rebate. This amount may change each year and every tenant should check to see if they are eligible.

In compliance with this program, the landlord must issue a form LC-142 or the Landlord’s Certificate if that landlord owns 2 or more rental units OR if any of their tenants request one. This form is downloaded and then filled-in online. For tenants who have moved before the end of the year, the certificate will be sent to the last known or forwarding address. This form is not used for any not for profit trailer or mobile home locations owned by a coop or tenant/owners. The eligible rebate counts only the actual rent. Fees such as late charges, utilities and what is included towards the eligible rent.

There are specific instructions attached to the form including a line by line tutorial. The social security number of the claimant is entered by the claimant AFTER the form is completed by the landlord. After the landlord completes all line items, this form will be printed and signed and then mailed to the tenant.

This form must be received by each qualifying tenant no later than January 31 of each year. The landlord is only responsible for completing this form. Because a tenant asks for this certificate or is entitled to it under other circumstances, does not necessarily mean that the tenant will qualify for the rebate. The landlord DOES NOT determine the eligibility of a tenant to receive the rebate. The landlord’s responsibility is to provide adequate and correct information on the form and then provide it to the tenant on time.

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