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Now with eSign. The most affordable & complete North Carolina lease package available, we guide you through NC landlord-tenant laws as you quickly create your custom NC lease.

Document Last Modified: 10/25/2017

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North Carolina Lease Agreement Guarantee SealWhether you're a novice or a seasoned lease expert, our North Carolina Lease Builder is a flexible, quick, and easy-to-use tool. Like every state in the nation, North Carolina has its own Landlord Tenant laws and restrictions that must be addressed in rental lease agreements.

Our North Carolina Assist will guide you through these laws and regulations, and help you to apply them properly as you move through the steps in our customizable Lease Builder. The North Carolina lease is programmed to automatically add state-required disclosures and clauses.In addition, this document also meets lease requirements for the cities of Charlotte and Greensboro. Also, the default language that is offered with individual clauses and addenda is specifically selected to protect landlords and property managers in cases of litigation, by anticipating common complaints and addressing them in advance.


  • North Carolina-required lease language
  • Opportunity to add your preferred text and clauses
  • Addenda that are fully customizable
  • Help at every step of the Lease Builder with North Carolina Assist boxes
  • ESign, email or print lease


This list is just a sample of the dozens of addenda and disclosures that may be customized and attached to the North Carolina lease agreement:


All of these options, and many more, may be included in the North Carolina lease by checking off boxes in Step 6 of the Lease Builder:

Tenant agrees not to transfer, assign or sub-lease unit without landlord's written permission.
Late fees are strictly enforced and unpaid fees will not be waived.
Garbage/Trash/Recycling must be taken to the curb on scheduled removal days.
Charcoal and barbecue gas grills may not be used inside the leased premises.

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