Missouri Methamphetamine/Controlled Substances Disclosure

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The Methamphetamine/Controlled Substances Disclosure is a required document in the state of Missouri and must be given along with the lease agreement.

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Document Last Modified: 4/18/2023

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Methamphetamine is a very dangerous and toxic drug and, unfortunately, Missouri is no stranger to its devastating effects. In 2012, Missouri had the highest number of methamphetamine lab seizures in the country. This is why the Missouri Methamphetamine/Controlled Substance Disclosure is of vital importance for landlords. This drug is not only dangerous to those who consume it, but also to those who live in homes where it was created. Methamphetamine, also referred to as Meth, is a highly toxic recreational drug that is extremely addictive. It is a synthetic drug that is typically created in a home laboratory, often times hidden from landlords. In the state of Missouri, this disclosure is required to be given to tenants at the signing of the lease lease for any property that has a history of methamphetamine and/or any other controlled substance production.

The main ingredient in Methamphetamine is also the principal ingredient in over-the- counter decongestants. This combined with the other 32 precursor chemicals, which include acetone and phosphine, create a both deadly and toxic drug. “Cooking” Methamphetamine in a home laboratory will spread toxins throughout the room where the drug was created. Everything becomes toxic, including the air itself. The toxins and chemicals in Methamphetamine cause serious and detrimental side effects in humans. These side effects are most harmful to children. The same dangerous chemicals also have explosive tendencies, which can cause severe damage to your rental property. Because of these lingering dangers, if a property may have housed a Methamphetamine lab, it must be inspected then thoroughly and properly cleaned.

The Missouri Methamphetamine/Controlled Substances Disclosure states if the rental home was once used as a Methamphetamine lab, and includes any other information the landlord may have known about the Methamphetamine lab in the home. This disclosure is a required document in the state of Missouri, and must be given to tenants along with the Lease Agreement.

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  • Missouri Methamphetamine/Controlled Substance Disclosure: This disclosure is required if a property has ever been used as a Methamphetamine Lab or if the Landlord has any knowledge that the property has been used for Meth production.
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