Missouri Abandoned Property Notice

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This is the Missouri Abandonment of Property Notice, stating that the rent for the Leased Premises is past due and unpaid for THIRTY consecutive days.

Document Last Modified: 5/11/2023

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Missouri Abandoned Property Notice

In Missouri, if rent is past due and unpaid for thirty or more consecutive days, the landlord may serve the tenants with a Missouri Abandoned Property Notice. In this notice, you will notify the tenants that the property is considered to be abandoned. This document also states that you or your property manager may enter the premises and remove any personal property of the tenants’ in order to prepare the property for rental to new tenants if the tenant does not post notice that they have not abandoned the property within ten days of receipt of this notice.

With this document posted on the front door of the property and mailed to the tenant at the rental property, you may give the tenant notice that the leased property has been abandoned and that rent has been past due and unpaid for a minimum of thirty consecutive days.

Who: This document should be provided to the tenant by the landlord. If you suspect that the tenant has abandoned the property, you may serve it by posting one copy visibly on the front door of the property and by mailing another copy to the property. You may want to allow three extra business days before entering the property after you mail the notice.

What: This document is the Missouri Abandoned Property Notice, and it states that the landlord has due cause to believe (thirty consecutive days’ past due and unpaid rent) that the tenant has abandoned or vacated the premises.

When: This is the first step in reclaiming a property that you believe a tenant has abandoned so that you may prepare it to be rented to future tenants. You should give this document to any tenant who has failed to pay rent for a minimum of 30 consecutive days. If you cannot personally hand the document to the tenant (or have an independent third party do so), you may post it in a visible spot on the front door of the property and/or mail it to the property.

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IMPORTANT: If the tenant gives written notice that they have not abandoned the property within ten days of receiving this notification, then you may not enter the property to remove their possessions. You may, however, begin the first steps toward eviction if the tenant refuses to pay past due rental fees.

Missouri Rental Forms and Templates

  • Missouri 10-Day Demand for Possession:This form should be used if the Tenant is in violation of the Lease Agreement. It’s a necessary first step before filing for eviction.
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  • Missouri Abandoned Property Notice:If rent is past due for at least 30 days, Landlords may serve a Tenant with this Notice, stating that the Landlord considers the property abandoned. If the Tenant does not reply within 10 days stating that the property is not abandoned, the Landlord or property manager may enter the property and begin preparing it to be rented by new Tenants.
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