Missouri Demand For Rent

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Missouri landlords can serve this MO Demand for Rent on tenants behind on rent, as a prerequisite before filing for eviction in court.

Document Last Modified: 9/13/2023

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When To Use The Missouri Demand For Rent Form

This form is given to a tenant that owes less than one month’s rent when a landlord wishes to proceed with a formal eviction. This Demand For Rent is exactly what it sounds like. It requires that a tenant pay the amount owed to the landlord immediately or there will be legal action taken against the tenant to have them legally evicted from the property.

The tenant must be ready to comply with the demands right then and there. Since this is usually not the case, this form is used when a landlord wishes to evict the tenant without any serious issue.

Serving this form allows the landlord the chance to regain control over the property and remove the tenant without using unlawful or unconventional methods. This form should only be used if the landlord has the intention of going through with formal legal eviction proceedings.

Serving The Notice to The Tenant

As with any notice given by landlords there are various ways of delivering the information or demands to tenants. This notice can be sent by mail, certified mail, posted at the property or given to another resident at the property, but these are not the most effective methods of delivery. We highly recommend landlords deliver the notice to the tenant personally to ensure there are no legal or deadline issues further along in the process.

Going Through With An Eviction

Giving a tenant notice is the first stage of the eviction process. Once the notice has been served, the procedure will move forward as follows:

  • The landlord will file with the local court to have a hearing.
  • The landlord and the tenant or representatives will attend the hearing at the given date and time.
  • A ruling will be made. This is generally in favor of the landlord if the proper procedures have been followed.
  • The tenant will be forced to leave the property.

More Information

Details about the eviction process and the laws that are specific to Missouri can be found at: Missouri Landlord Tenant Law

For advice and tips about evicting a tenant and being a landlord in general, please visit: Move Out and Eviction

Missouri Rental Forms and Templates

  • Missouri 10-Day Demand for Possession:This form should be used if the Tenant is in violation of the Lease Agreement. It’s a necessary first step before filing for eviction.
  • Missouri Demand for Rent:This form should be given to Tenants that break the Lease by being late with rent payments. This is a required first step before initiating eviction proceedings.
  • Missouri Abandoned Property Notice:If rent is past due for at least 30 days, Landlords may serve a Tenant with this Notice, stating that the Landlord considers the property abandoned. If the Tenant does not reply within 10 days stating that the property is not abandoned, the Landlord or property manager may enter the property and begin preparing it to be rented by new Tenants.
  • Missouri Methamphetamine/Controlled Substance Disclosure: This disclosure is required if a property has ever been used as a Methamphetamine Lab or if the Landlord has any knowledge that the property has been used for Meth production.
  • Missouri Landlord-Tenant Pamphlet:This resource outlines Landlord and Tenant rights in the state of Missouri.

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