Iowa 7 Day Notice to Comply

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If the tenant breaches the lease for reasons other than paying rent, you may serve this notice to either cure the problem or the lease will be terminated.

Document Last Modified: 5/9/2024

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Understanding The Notice To Comply

The landlord can give the Notice To Comply form to a tenant if he or she has violated the lease or leasing contract. The lease includes agreements about monthly payment and is often also customized to the property and the situation. For example, a lease may include an agreement that the tenant will not cause any damage to the property or the appliances and fixtures within. If this is violated and the tenant has caused damage then the landlord can serve this notice.

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This form may be used for any aspect of a lease being ignored or violated by the tenant but only if the violation is clear and the expectation was stated in the original agreement. This means that the tenant cannot be served this form for an offense that was not part of the original lease.

When Is The Right Time To Use The Form?

When a lease agreement or the terms have been violated then a tenant can be served with this form. This is for a first time offense. If this is a secondary offense then the landlord will need to provide a different notice form. The form for a secondary violation can be found here: Iowa 7 Day Notice to Vacate

Once the landlord serves the notice to the tenant there is a 7-day waiting period before legal action can be taken. In this time the tenant has the opportunity to correct the problem or leave the property. If the tenant does not meet one of these solutions within the period then the landlord will be able to proceed with an eviction.

This means:

  • Filing for a hearing with the court.
  • Attending the hearing at the scheduled time.
  • If the owner receives favor in the ruling then an official eviction date will be arranged.

Though this is a lengthy process for both parties, it is necessary if the landlord would like a solution to a problem tenant.

Serving The Notice To Tenants

Since this can be a complicated process with very specific rules, it is highly recommended that a landlord follow the appropriate procedures with the help of EZ Landlord Forms. We will provide you with straightforward information, clear forms as well as tips and advice. Some of these tips can be found on our website in expertly written articles.

This advice includes how exactly you should choose to serve the notice to the tenant. While there are options to mail or post a notice, it is best to hand deliver it to the tenant directly as to not delay the proceedings any further.

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