Iowa 3 Day Notice to Quit & Vacate

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Use this 3 day form if the tenant fails to vacate 30 days after the Iowa 30 Day Notice to Terminate Lease.

Document Last Modified: 5/11/2023

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It happens, even after a monthly periodic tenant in Iowa is served the thirty (30) day proper notice to vacate the premises, he or she remains and does not leave. What is a landlord to do?

Enter the ezLandlordforms’ 3 Day Notice to Vacate. This provides the tenant with the required notification to either leave or experience a forced ejectment from the rental premises. The tenant who has ignored the previous request is loudly warned to vacate or court action WILL commence.

In Iowa and most other states, it is against the rules for a landlord to take matters into their own hands. This means that you cannot personally force this tenant to leave by illegal moves such as shutting down essential utilities, changing the locks, or entering the premises without cause or notice for the purpose to harass your hold-over tenant. These among any other actions taken without following the proper legal steps not only may give your tenant a free ticket to continue living in the premises but the landlord may face financial and legal consequences. It is very important for the landlord in this situation to keep a cool head and follow the letter of the law when trying to remove a stubborn tenant.

This easy to us form provides the proper notice in these circumstances. It will be sent after the thirty-day notice is sent to the tenant, and the tenant has continued to reside in the home after thirty days have elapsed. The letter goes on to explain to that stubborn tenant that they have three (3) days to leave or face a Forcible Entry and Detainer; also known as an F. E. D. action. This will lead to a court hearing and then an eventual authorized lock-out ordered by the court system.

The 3-Day Notice to Quit and Vacate is pre-filled with the landlord’s information, tenant’s name and address, date of the notice and more.

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