Iowa 7 Day Notice to Vacate

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This required Iowa notice is for the re-offense of a lease violation within 6 months of previously being served. This notice does not give the option to cure.

Document Last Modified: 7/9/2023

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6-Month Violation and Requesting The Tenant To Vacate

While there are separate forms for not paying rent and an initial violation of the tenancy agreement, the state of Iowa provides this addition form for the same violation being committed within 6 months of an original notice being served.

It is crucial to remember that this form is only useful to landlords for re-offenses. For first time offenses the landlord should use the appropriate form. This form is to give the tenant 7 days to vacate the property or risk legal action to evict them for a re-offense.

Once again this form should not be used for non-payment of rent and is not for first time offenses. By using this form for anything other than a re-offense of an original violation the landlord will slow down the eviction process and will not get the desired results.

Period Of Notice

The minimum period of notice is seven days before legal action can be taken. It is also important that the initial 6-month grace period is taken into account. If the tenant has re offended later than 6 months then another first time offense notice is required.

Serving The Notice To Vacate

There are various methods of serving the Notice to Vacate including: mailing the notice, handing it to the tenant personally and leaving it in the property.

By far the best option is to personally deliver the notice to the tenant. The landlord however should also procure a signature from the tenant as proof of delivery, which can be increasingly difficult to get.

Follow Legal Procedures

We cannot stress enough how important it is to follow this procedure and for a landlord to never attempt to personally evict a tenant. This will only end in huge legal repercussions for the landlord and there is no easy way to solve the problems that occur. By using the form to legally evict a tenant the landlord will achieve exactly what they originally wanted.

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