Iowa 30 Day Notice to Terminate Lease

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Iowa Landlords may serve tenants with this Iowa 30 Day Notice to Terminate Lease, to end a month-to-month tenancy with no specific cause, while following FHA.

Document Last Modified: 5/9/2024

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In Iowa, a lease that goes from month to month may be ended by either party. This would be done when one gives the other a thirty day written notice. In Iowa, no specific reason is required to end the lease that runs from month to month. Remember though, that illegal reasons such as those that go against the Fair Housing Act (FHA) rules would not be adequate or permitted motives.

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This ezLandlordForms’ Iowa 30 Day Notice to Terminate Lease can be used for a month-to-month lease where a landlord wishes to end the lease. Sometimes, this form may be referred to as a Notice to Quit. Either way, it fulfills the requirements needed for a landlord to end a periodic or month to month lease in the state of Iowa.

As an example of when to send this notice and the timing for move-out: Mr. Landlord wants His Tenant to move out of his rental on ABC Street. Rent is due on the first day of each month. The next time His Tenant will pay rent will be on June 1. Mr. Landlord sends His Tenant the ezLandlordForms’ Iowa 30 Day Notice to Terminate Lease on April 30th (or before) for His Tenant to move by June 1st.

This form is editable, and the text may be changed by making additions and/or deletions to the existing text.

WARNING: Do not change any language that pertains to the amount of time given as this is the essential language for an Iowa lease termination notice for a month-to-month lease. However, adding terms such as what items need to be removed, cleaned or adding when an inspection will occur are good items that will not change the essence of the form.

The person who is sending or servicing this notice must be over eighteen years old by either handing the notice to someone in the rental premises that is of suitable age or by certified mail. Make sure that you get proof of service and keep a copy of the notice just in case your tenant does not move or there is a need to go to court.

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