Guide to Louisiana Landlord & Tenant Laws

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This guide contains information on a variety of topics ranging from security deposits to eviction, educating both Landlords and Tenants.

Document Last Modified: 1/29/2020

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Using The Guide to Louisiana Landlord & Tenant Laws

This guide was developed to better educate both landlords and tenants alike. The information included in this document covers everything from security deposits to the responsibilities of both parties and even the processes that need to be followed for an eviction.

This guide does not simply include the applicable laws but includes the necessary details for a tenant and landlord to both feel informed about the agreement that they are entering. Both parties can use this guide at any time they need to. Landlords may find it helpful to access this information to ensure their ongoing management duties are following the appropriate procedures. The tenant and landlord may find this guide helpful should there be a dispute.

The Benefits

The benefits of having this guide on hand is that there will always be digestible and factual information about the laws, rights and roles of the landlord and the tenant to hand. Landlords can read through the Louisiana Landlord & Tenant Laws but this information is delivered in a way that makes it difficult to read.

    The guide ensures that any reader will be able to comprehend the material being presented. This can include details about:
  • What the landlord should provide in terms of facilities and utilities,
  • How often the landlord should visit the property,
  • Maintaining a positive relationship,
  • How a tenant should go about making requests for change at the property,
  • And so much more.

The Source

How do you know that you can trust this information? This guide comes directly from the Louisiana Department of Justice. This branch of the local government has collected the appropriate information and made it much more accessible for constituents.

This guide was not only developed to make sure landlords and tenants are educated but also to address small concerns and answer basic questions.

Helpful Hints

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