Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law Summary

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This document contains a summary of the legal code of Wisconsin's Landlord Tenant Act provided by the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Document Last Modified: 5/20/2023

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It is difficult to keep track of the many intricacies of the law, however, knowing the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants can help avoid disputes in the future. The Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law Summary is a comprehensive guide to navigating the landlord-tenant relationship in the state of Wisconsin.

This document, created by Wisconsin's Bureau of Credit Protection, outlines all of the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and landlords. The guide is intended to give both parties the information needed to manage the relationship and resolve problems that may arise. It walks you through each stage of the renting process, from what you should know before renting and throughout the application process, to terminating a tenancy. The document also includes detailed information on various topics that you may have questions about during a tenancy, such as when a landlord may increase the rent, and issues involving eviction, foreclosure, and notice.

Additionally, the guide goes through the Residential Rental Practices in Wisconsin, also known as “landlord-tenant rules,” which are regulations that apply to certain living arrangements. The Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law Summary explains what living arrangements are subject to these rules and also details the regulations regarding security deposits, repairs, prohibited lease provisions, etc. This guide is useful for both landlords and tenants alike. For landlords, this document sets forth all of the responsibilities and obligations landlords have under state law and also provides critical information on what landlords and permitted or not permitted to do. The document is also useful for landlords because it details exactly what rights tenants have before, during, and after their lease term.

The Wisconsin Landlord Tenant Law Summary is available in PDF format and can be saved for any time you may need to refresh your memory on these critical issues in the future.

Please Note: This document is reproduced here for educational purposes only.

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