Wisconsin 5 Day Notice to Vacate (Drug Offense)

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Use this form after police authorities have formally notified you of drug-related activity on or around the rented premises.

Document Last Modified: 5/20/2021

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Obviously, crime prevention is necessary in the business of renting property. Crime-ridden neighborhoods lower the value of real estate.

In Wisconsin, the property owner may be informed by the police authorities with a written letter (sometimes called a “drug house letter”) notifying the owner that there are crimes, including the making or selling of drugs and or gang-related activity in or around the rental premises. When this occurs, the landlord must serve that tenant with a five-day notice to vacate.

WARNING: This notice may not be used unless the landlord has been formally alerted by a written warning from local, state or federal policing authorities.

A notice such as this can sometimes cause some issues for a landlord. Criminals such as those related to the sale of illegal drugs, and gang issues can prove to be dangerous. Be careful when communicating with any of these alleged offenders. If by some chance, you are contacted by a tenant in these circumstances, it is best to direct them to the police authority who issued the notice. Let them know that you are required by the police authorities to issue the notice. This may assist in keeping you out of any possible danger. Additionally, always contact your police in the event you feel you may be in jeopardy. Never argue with a tenant in this predicament.

The “ez Landlord Forms’ Wisconsin 5-Day Notice to Vacate (Drug Related)” can be used in these situations. It is an auto-fillable document that makes the creation of the notice simple and easy to use. This is very beneficial in dealing with this difficult situation.

REMEMBER: Always conduct complete tenant screening and criminal background checks! It is this that may prevent having to be in this dangerous situation in the first place. ezLandlordForms offers tenant screening services.