Wisconsin 28 Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy

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The Wisconsin 28 Day Notice to Terminate Tenancy is used to end a periodic tenancy for any reason or no reason at all.

Document Last Modified: 5/20/2021

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The Correct Use Of The Termination Of Tenancy Illegal Activity Notice

This notice can be used when a landlord wishes to regain control of a property that is being leased by a tenant that has been found to be involved in criminal or illegal drug activity. This notice is also given when the tenant is found to have threatened or placed the health of the other residents at risk.

The Best Method Of Serving The Notice

There are a few different ways that a landlord can serve this notice to their tenant but the best way is by delivering the notice in person. This is the only method to immediately begin the 14-day compliance period. Landlords may also post the notice in an obvious place at the premises or send the notice to the tenant at the leased property. If any method is used other than hand-delivery then the period of compliance may be extended by a few days.

Seeking Extra Information

Staying Legal

    Landlords should never attempt to remove a tenant by force or intimidation. The landlord needs to do the following if they would like to successfully and legally regain control of the premises:
  • Serve the notice to the tenant.
  • Wait the 14-day period for the tenant to vacate the property.
  • File for a hearing in court to pursue a forced eviction with the help of law enforcement.

Time Line Once Served

Once a notice has been served to a tenant by the landlord, the tenant has 14 days to vacate the premises before the landlord may take further legal action and file for a hearing in court. The landlord must wait the 14-day period before doing this to give the tenant the chance to leave the property. If the landlord wishes to proceed with an eviction then it is also crucial that they have waited the legal period of time before taking action.