Wisconsin Non-Standard Lease Provisions Addendum

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The Wisconsin Non-Standard Lease Provisions Addendum clearly states and lists the fees and any possible deductions during the tenancy.

Document Last Modified: 4/17/2023

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This state-specific form provides a means for a landlord to deduct items from the security deposit other than:

  • Any physical damage to the rental property that is considered beyond reasonable wear and tear.
  • Unpaid rent
  • Any utility payment that is provided by the landlord and the tenant is responsible for.
  • Any amount the tenant owes for a government-owned utility such as municipal water or sewer.
  • Any unpaid monthly permit fees gaged against the tenant in conjunction with manufactured or mobile home communities.

The landlord will provide the Non-Standard Rental Provision form to a tenant before or at the commencement of the signing of the lease agreement. The tenant must read each section and initial to the left of each section. Both the landlord and tenant will sign the bottom. When the tenant initials and signs, it is presumed that everything is agreed upon.

Creating the Ez Landlord Forms’ Wisconsin Non-Standard Rental Provisions document is super easy! It is defaulted to attach to your Wisconsin state-specific lease package as well. It is an editable document so the landlord may add or delete provisions as they apply to each of their rental circumstances.

Some of the items covered are late fees, trash removal, lawn care, key return, parking and so much more. PLUS this form also has state-required text already inserted. Therefore, if you want to ensure that your tenant not only fulfills his obligations but also understands that if he doesn’t, there are consequences in the way of deductions from the security deposit. For instance, let’s say a tenant is late on rent. A late fee has been charged. The tenant has never paid that late fee. Provided you have included it in the editable Wisconsin Non-Standard Rental Provisions document, the landlord may deduct it from the security deposit.

Pro Tip: Make sure that your tenant initials and signs the document!

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