Oklahoma 5 Day Demand for Rent

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Use this 5 Day Demand for Rent prior to initiating eviction proceedings.

Document Last Modified: 5/14/2023

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If the rent is not paid when due, the landlord may deliver a 5 Day Demand for Rent. If the amount is not paid, the landlord may immediately sue for eviction.

Beware: Landlord may not change the locks.

Who: Give this notice to a tenant who has failed to pay rent.

What: This is the required notice to be given to the tenant before filing for eviction proceedings.

When:This notice should be given to your tenant after any rental payment grace period has ended and at least 5 days before initiating any court proceedings for non-payment of rent.

Oklahoma Rental Forms and Templates

The Lease Agreement is only one of many forms that Oklahoma Landlords need. That’s why we have an entire library of property management forms to handle every phase of the Landlord Lifecycle.

Pro Tip: Always screen Tenants before handing over possession of your rental unit. Thorough Tenant Screening includes a credit report, ResidentScore, criminal history background report, and eviction history report. Start your screening or view sample reports here: Tenant Screening

  • Rental Application: Always screen Tenants before signing a Lease Agreement. Use our free Rental Application to start your screening.
  • Tenant Welcome Letter: Customize this letter to make sure your Tenants have all the information they need about their new home on day 1.
  • Move-in/Move-Out Walkthrough Checklist: Use this customizable checklist to document property conditions at move-in and move-out. If you collect a security deposit, this form is a must!
  • Rent Ledger: Use this form to keep track of rent payments for each of your rental units. It makes it EZ for Landlords to stay organized and to have documentation of any missing payments.
  • Oklahoma 10-Day Demand for Compliance: This form should be used if the Tenant commits a Lease violation other than nonpayment of rent.
  • Oklahoma 5-Day Demand for Rent: Use this form if a Tenant has not paid rent. It’s an essential first step in the eviction process.

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