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Acquisition tenants can be an added bonus when purchasing a rental property. The landlord inherits a paying tenant as soon as the house closes, allowing them to start making money right away. After closing, most mortgages allow for up to 60 days before the first payment is due, depending upon the terms of the loan, so this is a great time to save up before the first payment is due.

However, the inherited tenant can also come with complications. An acquired tenant who is not paying their rent, is otherwise violating their lease, or who is causing other problems can mean early headaches on a newly purchased property.

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As always, this article does not provide or imply legal advice. Check with your local, state, and federal laws. This article provides some guidelines to keep in mind as you begin your tenancy with an acquired tenant.

Purchasing a property with an acquired tenant can be a wonderful experience, where you’ll benefit from instant cash flow without having to find and place a tenant. It can also be scary, as you wonder whetherRead More »


An acquisition tenant is an inherited renter currently residing at a property that you buy. Acquisition tenants come in all varieties. They may be in typical 12-month leases, or often they have lived at the property for years. In some cases, paperwork for these tenants may be old, incomplete, or nonexistent. Most importantly, these are tenants that you did not get to screen, choose, or have a say in selecting. They come with the property.Read More »


There are two options for managing your rental property: hiring a property manager, or managing the unit yourself. If you happen to live far away from your rental, that doesn’t necessarily mean self-management won’t work for you. Although it may seem daunting to manage your property from afar, it can be done, and technology can help you do it.Read More »


Neither landlords nor tenants enjoy handling the cost of utilities, which leads many people to try alternative options to heat or cool their residences. For example, a tenant may try to use space heaters to reduce their monthly heating bill. While using a space heater may be a great option to keep you warm in a confined space, using several will likely lead you to spend more money than you’re saving.

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