Minnesota Eviction Action Complaint

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This is the official Minnesota Eviction Action Complaint used to initiate an eviction.

Document Last Modified: 7/11/2023

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Eviction Action Complaint Form

The Eviction Action Complaint form can be used when a landlord wishes to initiate an eviction process. This is filled out by the landlord with all of the necessary information after the tenant has complied with the notice that has been previously delivered. This form can only be used after the tenant has violated a lease agreement or is behind on their rent payments and have been given the proper notice and opportunity to correct this error.

Once this form has been completed it is given to the Clerk of Court for filing and further processing. This starts the formal and legal eviction process for the tenant.

The Entire Eviction Process

While this form is the start of the lawsuit with the court, it is not the beginning of the entire process. All of the following steps need to occur from beginning to end in order for the start of the legal process to be valid:

  • The tenant is behind on the rent and has not paid or has violated the lease agreement.
  • The landlord provides a notice that gives the tenant the chance to leave or remedy the problem within a given amount of time.
  • The landlord must wait for this time to expire before proceeding to the next stage.
  • The landlord may fill out an Eviction Action Complaint and file it with the court.
  • A hearing will be scheduled and a judge will make a ruling in the case.
  • If the ruling is in favor of the landlord then an eviction date will be scheduled with local law enforcement.

Performing An Eviction With The Law On Your Side

Using this form and following the procedures is incredibly important if the landlord wants to achieve the desired results. If the proper steps are carried out then the law will be on the side of the landlord.

More Information

There is more information available on our site about evictions in general and court proceedings. Landlords should use our site as a reliable resource as well as local lawyers for more detailed information about Minnesota state laws.

For information about state landlord regulations, please visit: Minnesota Judicial Branch Eviction Forms

For more information and advice from our experts, go to: https://www.ezlandlordforms.com/articles/educational/4/move-out-and-eviction/

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