Late Fee Due Notice

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If the late fee is unpaid from arrears in rent, use The Late Fee Due Notice to notify your tenants of the amount and reiterate your policy.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Finally, your tenant is up-to-date with past due rent payments, which is reason for celebration (feel free to insert a happy dance here). Unfortunately, your tenant is not off the hook yet because they forgot to pay the fee that has accrued due to the late payments. Whether this was an innocent oversight or a convenient case of amnesia, it is now your responsibility to remind them to submit the fee. Opposed to calling your tenant to follow-up on the late fee, feeling some-what like a bill collector, this document allows you to pass the message along in a courteous and professional manner.

The Late Fee Due Notice gets right to the point (but is fully customizable in case you want to add a few sympathetic words). It confirms that the tenant has submitted the past due rent payments, while also making them aware that the late fee was not received. The document restates the late fee policy and exactly how much is owed because of the late payment. The notice sets a straight-forward but cordial tone and lets your tenant know they are welcome to contact you with any questions they may have.

The notice should be sent as soon as you realize the past due rent has been sent without the additional late fee; however, in the unfortunate instance that the tenant moves out of the rental unit before the late fee is paid, the Balance Owed After Move Out document will be helpful to you. The Late Fee Due Notice is quick, simple, and efficient and gets the job done without having to chase after your tenant.

Please be aware that the Late Fee Due Notice does not complete the legal requirements for eviction filing. To make sure you are compliant with any local regulations, please review our Eviction Notices.