Late Rent - Reminder

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Use this friendly Late Rent - Reminder to indicate to your tenants that the rent is due before it becomes late and incurs more fees.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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We all have busy lives and hectic schedules. From work and family to our other personal and professional obligations, it can be a little difficult to keep things straight from time to time. Your tenants are no different! As human beings, even the most conscientious tenants can let things slip through the cracks. If your tenant’s rent payment is late this document will serve as a friendly reminder that the rent due date has passed.

The Late Rent - Reminder informs the tenant that the rent is past due clearly and professionally, while also emphasizing the urgency of submitting the rent payment. The reminder is fully customizable, allowing you to edit the form and add a more personal touch if you choose to do so. The document also thanks the tenant for their prompt attention to the matter and, in the case that your tenant realized the payment was late and already took steps to send the payment in, the document lets them know they can disregard the notice.

The Late Rent - Reminder should be delivered immediately after the missed rent payment and prior to the grace period ending. The document provides a quick and easy way to give your tenant a gentle reminder, and let the tenant know that you are available for any questions they may have. If a late fee has already been charged, the Late Fee Due Notice will also come in handy. If you have a tenant who is particularly diligent and has already contacted you to make payment arrangements, the Past Due Payment Arrangement Agreement will be useful to remind them of future payment dates.

Please be aware that the Late Rent - Reminder will not satisfy the legal requirements for eviction filing. To make sure you are in compliance with local regulations, please review our Eviction Notices.