Notice to Report Late Rent Payments

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Our Notice to Report Late Rent Payments will remind your tenant that his or her late payments are being reported to credit agencies.

Document Last Modified: 6/3/2021

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Maybe your tenants’ cat needed an emergency appendectomy. Maybe their new careers as ventriloquists didn’t pan out. Maybe you’ve heard the check’s in the mail one too many times. Regardless of the excuse, if you’ve been patiently but persistently trying to get your tenants to pay the rent but they’re still showing up empty-handed, it’s time to issue our Notice to Report Late Rent Payments.

This notice threatens something we’re all afraid of. No, it’s not man-eating earthworms (although they’re pretty darn scary), it’s a report of delinquency to a credit bureau. Sometimes telling your tenants that failure to pay the rent will negatively impact their credit scores is all it takes for them to fork over the cash. The document notifies them that taking care of the delinquent balance by the specified date is the only way to stop the reporting process and that failure to do so could make it difficult to rent or purchase a home, buy a car or apply for credit cards.

If you’re ready to begin, click “Create Document.” You’ll see a lovely little form already filled with professional language. However, if you’d like to edit the text in any way, feel free – our feelings won’t be hurt. Really. Keep in mind that you don’t have to type anything between the brackets in the body of the notice. That information will be filled in automatically after you complete the following steps.

Next, click “Create and Print Document” and select the appropriate property and tenant. If you notice that one of those needs to be fixed, go ahead and click “Edit” to the right of the property, make the necessary changes and click “Continue.” Remember those brackets we talked about earlier? This is where they come in. Enter the overdue balance and when it must be received, click “Create Document” and you’re done! Click on the document name on the next screen to download your form and you’ll see where all of your specific information was magically added by our Document Builder Wizard.

Want to make sure you’re in compliance with your state’s laws regarding the use of this notice? Look down! You’ll see any pertinent state-assist guidelines in nifty mint-green boxes below. Please note, though, that this document is NOT an eviction notice. Evictions are a whole other ball of wax, so you’ll probably want to read our Overview of the Eviction Process and take a look at the eviction notices for your state.