Notice to Pay Rent or Quit

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The Notice to Pay Rent or Quit will provide a warning to your past-due tenants that they will need to address the problem or deliver possession.

Document Last Modified: 3/27/2023

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One of the major downfalls of being a landlord is renting to tenants who do not pay rent. When that happens, and unfortunately, it will, using the right form can make this process a little less grueling. Having the correct form will not only provide the tenants with a notice that you mean business, but it satisfies the court’s requirement that you must provide tenants notice of your intent to take legal action against them.

This strongly-worded demand letter may be the wake-up call your past-due tenant needs to either pay overdue rent or contact you to work out a payment arrangement. This notice serves as a legal warning that the eviction process will be initiated soon if remittance is not made. This ezLandlordForms’ Premium Notice to Pay Rent or Quit form gets straight to the point when notifying your tenants they must pay their arrears in rent or vacate the premises. (The exact number of days’ warning provided in this notice will vary based on jurisdictional requirements in your area.)

When a tenant is behind on rent, this ezLandlordForms’ Premium Notice to Pay Rent or Quit form will give the tenant two options, to pay the rent owed, or vacate the premises. The form outlines the deadline for payment, the amount of rent and late fees that are now due, and the instructions for payment. This form may be served by certified or regular mail, hand delivery, or posting or leaving a copy on the premises. You can use this form after rent is significantly overdue, prior to initiating formal eviction proceedings.

Note that there are no other notices necessary following the Notice to Pay Rent or Quit. Once tenants have been sent this notice, your next action is eviction filing. You must be aware of your jurisdiction's timeline for filing following this notice.

As with all of our forms, the Notice to Pay Rent or Quit goes a long way towards communicating your intent and the seriousness of the tenant's failure to pay.

NOTE: THIS FORM DOES NOT SATISFY LEGAL REQUIREMENTS FOR EVICTION FILING! To comply with local regulations, view the Eviction Notices.