Kansas 14 Day Notice to Perform or Vacate

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This notice is used when a tenant has violated a provision of the lease, giving the tenant 14 days to cure the violation, or 30 days to vacate the premises.

Document Last Modified: 5/9/2024

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For violating provisions in the lease, a 14-day notice is issued to a tenant in the State of Kansas. The notice begins the process to evict an errant tenant who has 14 days to perform and make amendments or vacate the property within 30 days.

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If the tenant delays the process of correcting material non-compliance of provision(s) in the lease or fails to vacate even after 30 days have lapsed, the landlord is fully justified to file a complaint in the district court to have the tenant evicted as per laws laid down in Kansas.

Tenant(s) Must Understand Clearly:

  • The lease is terminated 14 days after notice has been served, unless tenant(s) remedy the situation and provide a justifiable reason for the landlord to withdraw the notice.
  • Tenants must clearly understand they have 30 days to leave the premises after the notice is served, or the landlord proceeds with legal action through a court of law to enforce legal eviction.
  • The notice can be served personally to an errant tenant or members over 12 years of age living in the leased property.
  • The landlord also has the right to issue notice via registered or certified mail with the receipt admissible in court.

Tips For Landlords

  • The 14-day notice must be served for clear violation of tenancy contract. For example, material non-compliance issues include having unauthorized tenants living with an authorized tenant or if terms of lease clearly do not permit keeping unauthorized pets.
  • A notice can be posted on the entrance door or at a clearly visible location very near the leased property, but the onus is on the landlord to produce photographic evidence of having delivered the notice.
  • Details to be included in the lease agreement can be found at https://www.ezlandlordforms.com/articles/educational/3/17/the-lease-agreement/
  • Two additional days, weekends, and holidays must be added to the mandatory notice period, if personal delivery is not possible.

Eviction Process Begins After 14 Day Notice

If a lease violation is not cured within the reasonable period of 14 days, or if the property is not vacated after a reasonable period of 30 days, the landlord proceeds to file a Summons and Petition in a Kansas district court. The court decides on a suitable date between 3 and 14 days after the notice is properly served.

Legal provision entitles the sheriff to serve the Summons and Petition and advise the tenant to appear before the court on the decided date. Attendance is compulsory. The case goes into trial within a period of 8 days, if the preliminary hearing does not settle the issue.

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