Alaska Judgment for Possession - CIV-300

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The Judgment for Possession form should be filed with the court as part of the filling of an Alaska Complaint for Forcible Entry and Detainer.

Document Last Modified: 11/21/2022

Alaska Eviction Procedure: Judgment for Possession

When a Complaint for Forcible Entry & Detainer is filed, Alaska Landlords should provide the court with a copy of form CIV-300: Judgment for Possession.

Landlords should fill in the case caption, description, and location of the property on this form. The other portions of the form should be left blank and the court will fill them in at the end of the eviction hearing. If the Plaintiff (Landlord) is successful, the judge will complete and issue the Judgment for Possession at the end of the hearing.

If a Judgment for Possession is issued and the Tenant doesn’t vacate the property, the Landlord may take the Judgment for Possession and a Writ of Assistance to the Sheriff or other Peace Officer to have the Defendant (Tenant) removed from the property.

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  • Alaska Process Server Instructions: Use this form to provide your Alaska Process Server with the necessary instructions to properly serve your Tenant with the FED Complaint and Summons.
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